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Free Roaming Chevon Cuts

Chevon is today’s healthy red meat choice. Shingle Creek Chevon is grown in an all natural environment on Central Otago’s hillsides. There’s only the purest rainwater and high fibre bush growth for our Boer Goats to feed on, allowing us to produce cuts of only the highest quality; and tastiest too!

Chevon is the ‘lean red meat’

An established lean meat with favourable nutritional qualities, Shingle Creek Chevon is the ideal choice if you are looking to improve balance in your diet through lower fat intake, while taking advantage of the high protein and iron levels found in red meats.

With a range of cuts to suit a wide variety of preparations, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give Shingle Creek Chevon a try!

goat meat french rack

French Rack

Expertly trimmed, our French Rack’s versatility is limited only by the your ideas! Crumbed with herbs, drizzled with olive oil or simply seasoned, the flavour and tenderness of our French Rack will convert you!

Ordering Information

Order by the Pack 2 racks per pack Price=> $37.50/kg Average pack weight is 0.8kg

hind shank goat meat


You can prepare our Chevon shanks the same way you might cook lamb shanks. Delicious roasted with a little rosemary, thyme, olive oil and salt and pepper, Chevon Shanks braise beautifully giving moist, tender, healthy meat.

Ordering Information

Order by the Pack 2 shanks per pack Price=> $14.50/kg Average pack weight is 0.8kg

boneless shoulder goat meat

Boneless Shoulder

This cut comes rolled and is a perfect roasting option in winter or suits the BBQ brilliantly in summer. Roll out your shoulder for stuffing with your favorite ingredients to add another dimension to your Sunday Roast.

Ordering Information

Order by the Piece 1 piece per pack Price=> $27.50/kg Average weight per piece is 1.5-2kg

diced goat meat

Diced Chevon

Our diced chevon is approx 2.5cm cubes and is perfect for a curry or tagine mediterranean cooking. Brilliant in the crock pot as well or just skewer some diced Chevon up with your favorite kebab recipes!

Ordering Information

Order by the Pack All diced Chevon Price=> $25.00/kg 1kg & 2kg packs available

goat mince meat

Premium Chevon Mince

Our supremely lean Chevon mince will give you one of the healthiest burgers you’ve ever had! Healthy chilli, meatballs, spaghetti bolognese and meatloaf are back on the menu! Packed with lean protein, use this mince like any other.

Ordering Information

Order by the pack Packs are 1kg each Price=> $19.50/kg That’s just $2.35 per 120g burger

goat meat sausages


Due to the naturally lean texture of Shingle Creek Chevon, our sausages are some of the leanest and healthiest out there. We offer three flavors in two different sizes; regular and chipolata breakfast sausages. Don’t order just a few!

Ordering Information

The larger sausages are approximately 600gm per half dozen.
Chipolatas are approximately 450gm per tray with 8 sausages per tray.
Choose from Texan Chili, Tomato and Basil or Garlic and Herb.

Ordering Information

Ordering information is provided below for each cut type. Please ensure you take note of how each cut is packed so we put your order together correctly. Prices are subject to change

Export Information

Looking to buy premium goat meat outside of New Zealand? Contact our export company New Zealand Premium Goat Meat.

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