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Shingle Creek Chevon

The Shingle Creek is nestled in the heart of Central Otago, just south of Alexandra. This beautiful, arid, mountainous region of New Zealand is the perfect environment for the Boer Goat. It is here that we produce high quality, lean, nutritious Shingle Creek Chevon.

Goat Meat Exporting
Looking to buy premium goat meat outside of New Zealand? We have an export arm of our company called New Zealand Premium Goat Meat. Follow the link to find out more.

Why Chevon?

There are various names for goats depending on their age. Capretto and Cabrito are names given to younger kid goats, while Chevon is a virtual synonym for ‘goat meat’ from older goats. Shingle Creek Chevon sources meat from Boer Goats around the 12 month mark. This allows for the development of a strong, healthy animal providing high quality meat.

What’s different about Shingle Creek Chevon?

There’s no question that Shingle Creek Chevon is a good addition to your diet. Unlike ‘wild’ or ‘feral’ goat meat that you may have tried in the past (or maybe have not tried because you’ve heard negative stories), Shingle Creek Chevon is bred to produce top quality, tender, juicy, flavourful meat.

Our free roaming goats eat rosehips, thyme and other wild herbs as well as broom and gorse; it’s almost like we’re naturally marinating our meat from the inside! We have a range of cuts available right now and there’s no special cooking techniques required. Click here to can see how easy it is cook Shingle Creek Chevon.

If you cook meat, you can cook Chevon!

So head over to our products page and recipes page to get some ideas on how you can make a tasty, healthy change for the better with Shingle Creek Chevon. Pick up a bottle of Clyde Village Pinot Noir or Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir when you make your order to enjoy one of the tastiest food and wine pairings you’ve had in a while!

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