About Chevon Goat Meat

Chevon is today’s healthy red meat choice. Shingle Creek Chevon is grown in an all natural environment on Central Otago’s hillsides.

There’s only the purest rainwater and high fibre bush growth for our Boer Goats to feed on, allowing us to produce cuts of only the highest quality; and tastiest too!

Chevon is the ‘lean red meat’

An established lean meat with favourable nutritional qualities, Shingle Creek Chevon is the ideal choice if you are looking to improve balance in your diet through lower fat intake, while taking advantage of the high protein and iron levels found in red meats.

With a range of cuts to suit a wide variety of preparations, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give Shingle Creek Chevon a try!

Ordering Chevon Goat Meat

Ordering information is provided for each cut type. Please ensure you take note of how each cut is packed so we put your order together correctly.

Minimum Order: $80  Prices are subject to change

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